Borrego Springs “S” Club Marches for Girls and Women

Inaugural Year for Borrego Springs “S” Club Focuses on Mexico Earthquake Assistance

2017 Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs “S” Club

With the school season in full swing, Borrego Springs High School students, in partnership with Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs and Soroptimist International of the Americas, are in deep preparation to bring awareness and assistance to the victims of the recent earthquakes that rocked Mexico City and central Mexico. Throughout August, the girls of Borrego Springs High School and Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs have teamed up to form an action club called an “S” Club. “S” Clubs are considered an outreach program of Soroptimist, and a vital way for high school students to learn about serving others and helping their communities both near and far. The recently established Borrego Springs High School “S” Club has selected their first project; to bring awareness and fundraising efforts to the victims of the Central Mexico earthquake that left 361 people dead and over 6,000 people injured.

“With all the recent news of hurricanes and other tragedies around the world, our ‘S’ Club wants to focus their energy and effort into reminding others that Mexico still needs assistance and to raise awareness and funds for victims of the recent earthquake there,” says Judy Stewart, Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs Treasurer. “These girls are passionate about helping other girls and women, including those who went through the trauma of the earthquake and the continuing issues they face in its aftermath.”

To kick off the “S” Club’s year of action, 22 Borrego Springs “S” Club members will march in the Borrego Days Desert Festival parade, on Saturday, October 21, with Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs. Also, throughout the festival, “S” Club members will engage with festival visitors and local community members at their awareness booth to educate others about the various causes they are committed to working on this season.

They can’t wait to share their passion with Borrego Springs, San Diego County and the world!

“Our ‘S’ Club invites all festival attendees to stop by their booth, say hello and learn about the projects they will embark for their inaugural year,” says Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs Media Chair, Marcie Grube. “They can’t wait to share their passion with Borrego Springs, San Diego County and the world!”

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Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Soroptimist ( economically empowers disadvantaged women and girls through the work of volunteers in 20 countries and territories. Its Soroptimist Dream Programs ensure women and girls have access to the education and training they need to reach their full potential.




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